Every bottle of Yin Yang Hot Sauce is handcrafted with love, care and hard work. We craft the sauce in small batches with the best organic ingredients on the planet, right here in Boulder, Colorado. 

We take the time to hand pick the ingredients we use, then nature does the rest. We use real whole food in our sauce so nature deserves the credit for the amazing flavor, we just do the heavy lifting to capture it in a bottle. 


Small Batch Organics, the folks behind Yin Yang Hot Sauce, began in 2003 with the idea to combine healthy organic foods in delicious new ways. For over 10 years we have been using and sourcing the best organic ingredients. We find that since this is real food, grown in real soil, under a real sun that there are variations in heat levels, colors and sweetness but the taste and quality of real wholesome fruits and vegetables grown as nature intended, is truly unmatched.